Mendel Catholic Prep Alumni Foundation, Inc.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."


Welcome to the charitable foundation web site for the alumni of Chicago's Mendel Catholic Prep High School. The original 40-acre Mendel Campus, located in the historic Roseland Pullman community, on Chicago's far south side remains the jewel of Roseland's architectural landscape.

This web site is dedicated to building Mendel's legacy though the charitable words and deeds of Mendel's alumni. It is where we celebrate not only Mendel's 37 year history of academic and athletic achievements but to honor the great 'Men of Mendel' for their personal achievements as well as organize the alumni of Chicago’s Mendel Catholic Prep High School (1951-1988) into one general body so as to better keep alive the memories of high school life, and by their unified efforts, promote the objectives of the Foundation.

The Mendel legacy is one of excellence and commitment to purpose. The Motto of Mendel,"Mendel Men are Gentlemen'' resonates throughout its vast alumni base and the communities in which Mendel men have impacted across the United States of America. That legacy extends to all who embrace the ideals of Mendel men, coaches, teachers and Augustinian's who worked to make Mendel a premier catholic high school for boys. Those who are now recognized as the "Men of Mendel' give back to serve the greater good and build the leaders of tomorrow.


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