Mendel Catholic Prep Alumni Foundation, Inc.

"Building Mendel's Legacy through Charitable Works and Deeds"

Our Mission & Goals

The mission of the Mendel Catholic Prep Alumni Foundation is to honor the alumni, teachers, coaches, and Augustinian Fathers of Chicago's Mendel Catholic Prep High School(1951-1988) by harnessing the intellectual and financial power of Mendel alumni, and to pass the legacy of Mendel to the children and grandchildren of Mendel alumni.

The Foundation seeks to provide financial support and mentoring to the college bound and college matriculating descendants of Mendel alumni who have shown the aptitude and commitment to their education, but whose families may not have the resources to ensure completion of their undergraduate degrees.

The foundation also seeks to raise funds through available and lawful means and utilize those funds to provide financial assistance to the worthy college bound and college matriculating catholic school students at the Augustinian led Catholic High Schools in the city of Chicago, and the state of Illinois.


Contributions are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.